1 News 2019

NZ’s #1 News.


The 1 NEWS brand needed to evolved into a fresh design package that improved legibility, gave the show more energy and brought more consistency to 1 NEWS.


The team created a design logic around the 1 logo, creating a circular pulse. The emitting pulse triggers graphics and drives transitions, lower third and image reveals. This created a motion graphic mnemonic for the entire package. The circular style has also influenced the entire set design and AR production.


We refreshed the colour palette, graphics textures and text panels which improved legibility and introduced a robust design system bringing consistency across all story, studio, video wall and AR graphics.


We wanted to maximise the use of the video wall, so we have made story imagery full width behind the presenters and used the pulse to reveal our video links along with creating impactful video wall stories with and clean, clear design and movement. The wall can also be used in conjunction with our AR stories, this can be used to set the scene or present the studio in new and interesting ways.


Lastly, the team rebuilt the weather graphics from the ground up and integrated dynamically driven AR. The design of the show moved from heavy meteorology and traditional broadcast style to a UI driven design focused on helping viewers plan tomorrow.



Design Director – Jacob Slack
Lead Designer – Wesley Conyngham
News Designer – Nick Holmes
News & Weather Designer – Ryan Ellis
AR Designer – Ben Ashby, Declan Norris, Matthew Bellamy
Set Builder – Brett Schwieters