One News 2015 Rebrand

The One News Family.

One News was in need of a rebrand to bring it into a more contemporary space. Being a loved programme it was important not to alienate the audience by retaining the key heritage elements of the One News brand, while moving it in a modern direction.

The challenge was to bring the family of One News programmes (Breakfast, Midday, At Six and Tonight) together as one family that sits comfortably into a TV One master brand. We also had to streamline the production of content graphics for easier production, speed to air and work into the new automation system.

News is traditionally loud, brash and shouts at you constantly. Most use glossy 3D globes and abstract graphics to grab you attention. We wanted to do the opposite and make something more inline with NZ. For the titles we wanted to be real and photographic to localize our offering. For graphics – a confident crisp brand with simple and strong design to help communicate stories effectively.



Executive Creative Director, Jens Hertzum
Design Director, Jacob Slack
Lead News Designer, Mark Fleming
Titles, Fraser Tebbutt, Leon Senf, Paora Crump
Project manager, Lindsay Gough
Music, Franklin Road