Black Sans Font

Bespoke Typography.

Black Sans is a versatile and friendly san-serif typeface family created bespoke for TVNZ. It has been primarily designed as a headline display font for broadcast and digital display.


The typeface is designed to complement the TVNZ logo, drawing from its circles and geometric forms. It includes rounded corners, geometric forms and quirks to make it unique to TVNZ while being neutral enough to work across all of the TVNZ brands.


Black Sans’ purpose built short acenders and decenders, along with a large x-height, allows the font to stack tightly in both upper and lower case keeping it tidy in on-air templates and automated graphics. It also features alternative glyphs and support for Te Reo for our Maori programming.


We have also developed a condensed weight of the typeface to improve readability for larger bodies of type and to save horizontal space. The condensed type also includes italics for more versatility within body copy.


The font is extremely flexible. By using different combinations of weights and cases it creates different looks and tones for all the TVNZ brands, while still keeping them feeling connected in one brand family – from the fun pop TVNZ 2 brand to the more serious tone of TVNZ 1 News.


Lead Designer, Fraser Tebbutt
Designer, Roseanne Lee
Design Director, Jacob Slack
ECD, Jens Hertzum