Dine In Cookbook

Easy recipes for every day.

A project that my Dad and I worked on in our spare time over a year.


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About the book


New Zealand Chef Geoff Slack serves up a showcase of over sixty recipes, influenced by many different cuisines around the world. This book uses easily-sourced ingredients and simple methods that demonstrate Geoff’s passion for flavor packed contemporary food.


On the menu is an array of tasty breakfasts, sumptuous soups, mouthwatering mains, sides and sweet indulgences. This is a one-stopcollection of favourite dishes for any occasion. Every recipe has been beautifully photographed and designed to teach you a wide range of cooking styles and techniques to build up your culinary arsenal.


Prepared with minimal fuss from the freshest ingredients and local sources, Geoff’s recipes illustrate just how easy it is to cook fresh, tasty food at home – every day.