Duke Brand 2016

This is Duke

Duke is a NZ channel targeted at 18-39 guys, available on Freeview Channel 13, SKY Channel 23 and on TVNZ On-Demand.


We were tasked with coming up with a new brand that was ‘more interesting for guys’.


The team wanted the channel to be ‘man’s best friend’, so we looked into popular NZ dog names – and found Duke. We liked the idea of reclaiming the regal-ness of Duke (much like Lorde has done) and felt we could use this to redefine the modern New Zealand male.


Duke’s tone of voice had to be sharp, real, suprising and a little bit tongue in cheek to cut through to our audience. It was important Dukes’ identity and communication was more multidimensional than your typical male focused channel. He could be anyone from a sport lover, intellectual, gamer, comedian or even a hipster, but more than anything Duke needed to feel like a reliable mate.


For Dukes logo we wanted to create a modern house of arms crest. The shield gave us a distinctive and flexible element that worked as a responsive logo across all mediums. The logo is used throughout the package to ignite the graphics and draw the eye to information.


Duke had to be produced on a shoe string budget and it has to be run on even less. So it was imperative to design the imagery package to be as automated and templated as possible. All of the imagery uses dynamic fields and automatic scaling to fit the different text and images throughout the package.


The graphics had to be restrained, bold and confident. The simple black and cream colour palette created a distinctive look compared to most other channels working in multi coloured palettes. We took inspiration from the material design principles to create a unified experience across platforms and devices. The sharp edged, centre aligned and symmetrical information panel system gave us a simple bold look which could be easily automated. This boldness was offset with the elegant and fluid movement of the panels and text, which was a modern, simplified take on a royal banner unfurling.


Idents have been built as stand-alone loopable burst of entertainment, that can be easily added to. Each Ident has the logo locked centre screen to connect them together, but all use a different style or technique to create an interesting suite of brand moments.



ECD, Jens Hertzum
CD, Adam Sarker
Design Director, Jacob Slack
Design team, Fraser Tebbutt, Roseanne Lee, Justin Fels, Aaron Clarke, Samuel Pillidge, Nick Henderson
Music, HUM studio