One Brand 2013

The Big Kiwi Backyard.

The team and I got the chance to do a total overhaul of the TV One brand. We were tasked with creating a solid on air brand and promos package as well as the design across print and online mediums. We rebuilt everything from the ground up including modernising the logo and rethinking the whole way the channel was played to air. Our biggest challenge was to modernise the brand while holding on to the best bits of TV Ones heritage.


Branding Team
Executive Creative Director, Jens Hertzum
Design Director, Jacob Slack
Channel Creative Director, Matt Goodwin
Designers On Air, Fraser tebbutt, Mark Fleming,
Designers Print and Online, Roseanne Lee, Brad Brown, Chris Hill, Dean Pomfrett
Production manager, Travena Addenbrook


Timelapse Ident Team

Director, Jacob Slack
Camera, Marcel VanDrongelen, Fraser Tebbutt, Leon Senf, Mark Fleming
Production manager, Lindsay Gough