One News Now

One News online anywhere, anytime.

My team was commissioned to design the One News Now website front end from the ground up.  The brief was to build a site designed around video first and the idea of a constant feed of news in small bites pieces. Branding was derived from our overarching One News brand with red selected as the lead colour representing the live and breaking component of the brand.


The new online platform then needed a launch and educational campaign. We built this series of promos each focusing on the different features of the new service. We needed to create an entertaining format while staying true to the platform. By using the brand and components of One News Now we broke these down into a simple ‘television friendly’ elements, which we animated onto large screens visually taking viewers into world of One News Now.


Website Team
Creative Director, Jacob Slack
Art Director, Chris Hill
Project Manager, Amie Mills
Editorial Direction, Paul Stenhouse


Campaign Team

Creative Director, Jens Hertzum
Design Director, Jacob Slack
Motion Design, Justin Fels, Will Littlejohn
Renaud Maire, DOP
Campaign Producer, Lindsay Gough, Peter Clews
Talent, Jack Tame