Ray White Damerell Group

Online Agents.

Ray White Damerell group commissioned a new bespoke website to build their presence in the Ponsonby and Grey Lynn area. The site needed to automatically pull information from their CRM, create interesting property pages, build a comprehensive blog, give tips and tricks on buying property, have information about the area and rank well in search. Over the last couple of years, the site has grown, along with their audience (and sales) and is now a key sales tool for the business. The site has been so successful the other major Auckland Ray White offices have also deployed the site.


I also worked with the team to develop The Quarterly magazine, which has an update on the real estate market and special interest stories on anything housing related. The glossy magazine has had a huge uptake with the agents and become a smash hit with orders through the roof!



Creative Director, Jacob Slack

Website development, Sniper Systems