Seven Sharp

Stay up with the play.

Seven Sharp is a half hour long TV One entertainment/ current affairs programme at 7pm weeknights.


Our challenge was to create a launch campaign for the show. We had no show content, no name (we had to come up with it), limited access to the hosts and get it all done over the Christmas holidays!


The spot needed to convey the change of tone coming to the 7 o’clock slot moving it to a more chatty, irreverent and dynamic style. It also needed to encourage people to resample the channel at that time.


We had to battle with many of the media commentators slagging off the show before it had even launched. So to counter this we took their comments and tweets and turn them back around onto them, creating even more talk-ability and even turning around some of the commentators because of this fresh new approach to the campaign.


The campaign was hugely successful with the promo featured on many media sites. In launch week it was one of the most talked about shows in TVNZ’s history and delivered a massive audience to the first episode.



Creative Director, Jens Hertzum
Art Director, Jacob Slack
Designers, Fraser Tebbutt, Mark Fleming
Camera/ photography, Finn McGowan, Jay Frew
Editing, Ashleigh Payne
Sound, Simon Weir


Winner of 2 gold Promax awards