Shortland Street 2018

Shorty is back for 2018.

Shortland Street 2018 return required a campaign that was bright and colourful and leveraged more of the ridiculous side of the Shortland Street storylines. We took the 3 big cliffhanger storylines and remade them in abstract studio environments mashing reality and with the abstract surreal. Each still image was then broken into layers and animated for the TVC’s twisting back through the environment to reveal the characters. We used audio grabs from the show to tell more of the story and offset the static, bullet time effect from the promos. We also made cinemagraphs (stills with things slightly moving to bring the image to life) of each of the scenes that were played out on billboards and digital placements throughout New Zealand.


Creative Director, Adam Sarker
Design Director, Jacob Slack
Graphics Team, Leon Senf, Nick Henderson, Nick Delaney, Chris Hill, Jeff Lau
Marketing, Reuben Wiremu