TVNZ Brand

Creating the TVNZ ecosystem.

Our brief was to turn TVNZ into a consumer facing brand and align all of the TVNZ brands into one family all sitting under one TVNZ umbrella as TVNZ’s current brand portfolio was pluralist, complicated to navigate, and our audience were confused and being sent to multiple disconnected destinations.


Our purpose was to bring clarity to the brands we owned and to create a TVNZ ecosystem allowing us to cross pollinate content, grow awareness of TVNZ brands and make it more efficient to manage.


The design system gave consistency across a suite of brands, all platforms and mediums, while still allowing flex for each brand’s own unique personality. Logo, positioning, our custom typeface and iconography developed a clear overarching brand language and easy to follow navigation. The system allows us to easily add new brands to our portfolio and the TVNZ brand can also adapt its colours to reflect different celebrations and events on-air, online and even on our tower signage and internal screens.


The logo design represents a catalyst of energy. We also wanted to introduce a sense of kiwiness through colour and subtly hark to a sense of a koru within the form of the rings to create a new NZ icon. Gradients have been added to create a sense of depth, movement and energy and the weighting of the rings has been increased to be more effective online and as a fully responsive logo.


The TVNZ logotype weight has also been increased and a modern and friendly curvy type to complement the logo this is also accompanied by our own bespoke font designed to work alongside the logo.


With TVNZ’s shift into digital the new brand has also allowed us to consolidate TVNZ’s online presence into a single destination inclusive of everything TVNZ has to offer. For our viewers it has given them a simple to navigate entertainment destination across multiple platforms.



Jens Hertzum, ECD

Jacob Slack, Design Director

Roseanne Lee, Designer

Fraser Tebbutt, Designer

Justin Fels, Designer

Aaron Clarke, Designer

Nick Henderson, Designer

Chris Hill, Designer